PV Electricity Network Integration - Studies

The SUNRISE project

The SUNRISE project (Strengthening the European Photovoltaic Sector by Cooperation with important Stakeholders) is a Coordination Action co-financed by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme for the Research and Technological Development (Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, DG TREN).

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Recommendations for unified technical regulations for grid-connected PV systems

The aim of this report is to inform about the current situation of PV network integration to the electricity network in EU and point out the major activities taking place in order to facilitate the removal of technical barriers, including the PV industry point�s view.
Firstly, it presents which the administrative and technical bottlenecks exist in Europe regarding integration of renewable and in particular PV. Furthermore, an overview of the current regulation (grid code) for selected countries is given. Secondly, it presents briefly which are the constrains of having such wide regulations and specification and its negative impact to the deployment of PV. As an example, the behavior under fault conditions defined by each country is shown.
The major activities working on the definition and implementation of a harmonized European standard for PV grid connection are shown, including activities within standardization bodies like CENELEC and those carried out by European funded projects like DER-Lab.
Finally, it presents some industry recommendations on how such harmonized standards shall look like in the future, in order to facilitate the development of equipment, to provide the maximum added value to the electricity grid and to allow a large deployment of photovoltaics in Europe.

Study on peak power supply by solar electricity

This aim of this report is to provide utilities and grid operators with an objective overview of the added value related to the PV network integration. This is done by comparing the characteristics of the electricity demand in Europe (chapter 2) with the characteristics of the PV electricity production (chapter 3) in order to highlight how the integration of the PV systems into the electrical grid could contribute to reduce the peak power demand and reduce the energy losses related to transport and distribution of electricity (chapter 4 and chapter 5).

Rolle der Solarstromerzeugung

Rolle der Solarstromerzeugung in zukunftigen Energieversorgungsstrukturen -Welche Wertigkeit hat Solarstrom, 2008
Authors: ISET, Fraunhofer ISE, Meteocontrol

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Solid-DER project, EU project

Technical Constrains for DER, 2006

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Analysis of the interconnection requirements for DER

Analysis of the interconnection requirements for DER, 2006

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The Potential Benefits Of Distributed Generation

The Potential Benefits Of Distributed Generation And Rate-Related Issues That May Impede Their Expansion, 2007
Authors: U.S department of Energy

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ELEP project, EU project

ELEP project, EU project
On the values of local electricity generation, 2007

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