PV SUNRISE Project Final Forum:

"From the Roof to the Grid: Creating new synergies between the PV sector, the building industry and electricity systems operators"

22 October 2009, Hotel Hilton, Brussels, Belgium

After 30 months of intense work, the PV SUNRISE project will finish in October 2009. Project partners have achieved much progress in paving the way for PV to become a mainstream energy source in the Europe?s future energy mix.

The project has focused on strengthening the cooperation between the PV industry and important sectors: architects, constructors and installers on the one hand, utilities and network operators on the other hand. It has provided a platform for discussion between these stakeholders, platform which is key for the future of PV deployment.

The project also focused its efforts on understanding and analysing the current barriers for PV deployment in the building sector and on the electricity grid, and providing recommendations to overcome them.

In order to present the results and achievements of the project, the PV SUNRISE project partners organised a Final Forum on 22 October 2009 in Brussels. This Final Forum was divided into two sessions:

  • Session A - PV Diffusion in the Building Sector: Strengthening the cooperation between the PV industry, architects and constructors

    Representatives from the construction sector, installers and architects shared their experiences on PV product integration in buildings. The multifunctional aspects of BIPV was presented with practical examples. Experts talked about the increasing role of PV integration into the building envelope and the fruitful collaboration between architects, industry, research and students. The session also gave an overview on European legislation related to PV and the construction sector (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - EPBD and the new Directive on the promotion of the Renewable Energy Sources - RES).

  • Session B - PV network integration: "A win-win situation for system operators and the PV industry"

    Different European utility providers and stakeholders from the energy sector presented the current challenges and opportunities they are facing in their respective countries. The added value of solar PV electricity to peak power supply was presented through European studies carried out by research institutes and other EU PV projects. The overall aim of this session was to provide a forum for constructive dialogue between the PV industry and the utilities on how the integration of solar PV systems into the European electricity supply can be effectively managed to create a win-win situation for all parties.