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The objective of the Sunrise project is to enhance the co-operation with important stakeholders such as the building sector and utilities. With reduced levels of subsidies the production of PV systems has to be more cost-effective if the PV industry wants to be competitive with conventional energy production. Therefore, this project delivers the base to ensure a cost-effective supply of PV products by improving interaction and production processes within the European PV industry and involving all relevant stakeholders, such as the construction sector and utilities.

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  • Reduce costs to become competitive with conventional energy production in the future liberalized energy market
  • Accelerate the integration of PV systems in Buildings
  • Involve all stakeholders outside the actual Photovoltaic supply chain
  • Facilitate the PV building integration by Standardization and harmonization of PV components
  • Fostering new alliances and initiating intense dialogue. Especially focus on the construction sector and the European utilities

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Work Packages

Work package 0: Project Management

The Objectives are to optimise the project and co-ordination of the project. In order to ensure a smooth running of the project with a maximum of results the interfaces between the partners and the numerous players need to be clearly defined. The close co-ordination of the project will ensure that useful links between work packages are exploited in an optimised way. Communication routines and channels will be established in order to ensure extended information exchange.

Work package 1: PV diffusion in the building sector

Work package 1 will improve the cooperation with the building / construction sector. The main target group of this work package are Architects and PV module manufacturers. On the one hand, architects (and also construction companies) need to be convinced that PV systems are a reasonable alternative in comparison with other construction materials. On the other hand, PV module manufacturers and the building sector have to collaborate in developing new products - not only for roof-top installations but primarily for building-integrated PV modules that not only generate electricity but also replace other construction materials (e.g. shadowing elements, roof tiles, and glass panes). All energy related features of a building, e.g. energy consumption characteristics, play an increasing role in the value determination of a building. Therefore a PV system can contribute significant added value to the building in terms of value and image.

Work package 2: PV Network Integration

The aim of this work package is to start a dialogue between the PV industry and utilities / electrical installers. Under discussion will be the integration of PV in the network and to find a balance between centralised and decentralised generation, keeping in mind grid stability and system control. So far utilities often took a very critical attitude towards renewable energy sources in general and therefore as well towards PV. Therefore it will be essential to start a constructive dialogue on how the integration of PV into the European electricity supply can be managed in a win-win-situation for all parties. Within this work package especially the contribution of solar electricity to the peak power supply, the role of solar electricity in marketing campaigns and technical regulations for PV grid-connection will be analysed.

Work Package 3: Dissemination Activities

The main objective is to receive a wide-spread dissemination of the results of this project. Several dissemination channels will be used: The first channel is the project website where all studies and reports will be available. Effective promotion of the website and the url respectively will be of great importance. The second channel will be internal and external newsletter in order to regularly update the partners and interested persons and companies within the PV sector and related sectors. The third and final dissemination channel will be the final forum. All activities within this work package try to create a commitment in terms of the project objectives - also beyond the project runtime. Large scale dissemination will ensure information exchange and fruitful discussions on the international level.

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